In an effort to minimise our footprint on the environment, simplify things for our clients, and make communication with everyone easier and more effective and efficient, we have developed a sophisticated paperless practice.  Lawyers traditionally go through a lot of paper, killing trees in the process and making it difficult to navigate and transfer a file.  There are certain documents with original signatures that must be retained, however, anything that can be scanned and either disposed of or returned to the client is, and is done so promptly.  We communicate primarily by email, and even our fax system is web based coming through to our email.  

One of the many benefits of the cloud based system is that it is more secure than the old-school paper based system given the several backups of files and significant security and encryption measures employed by the third party servers we use.  

Our photocopying, faxing and storage costs have been nearly eliminated – a cost saving that is passed directly on to the client.  

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