New Relationships and Ones That Are No Longer

New Relationships…


Whether you are getting married or are living in a spousal relationship (for 24 consecutive months), embarking on your life journey with another person is a big step.  You may simply want advice regarding your rights and obligations within the framework of Saskatchewan law, or maybe you wish to have a Prenuptial Agreement (prior to marriage or the commencement of the spousal relationship) or a Postnuptial Agreement (after marriage or the commencement of the spousal relationship) drafted formalizing what you would like your rights and obligations to be.  Either way, we are happy to help.


…And Ones That Are No Longer

Coming to an agreement with your former partner regarding how each of you will move forward is always the preferable option and is a credit to the parties who often end up resolving matters with minimal total legal expense.  We offer services including negotiating and drafting Agreements that deal with all issues, including custody and access, child support, spousal support and property division, and also have a network of mediators and collaborative lawyers we are happy to refer clients to should they wish to pursue the same.

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