Fees With Certainty

The entire process of sorting out one’s life in the event of a new relationship or one that is ending is stressful enough without having the unpredictability of cost to deal with.  With fixed fees, we attempt to eliminate the stress and uncertainty, providing you with a quote you can count on.

The thought of going to a lawyer can quickly lead to heart palpitations when considering the cost.  Common are the horror stories involving tens of thousands or even in excess of one hundred thousand dollars being spent trying to resolve family law matters.  Often, clients have no idea how much the legal fees will be until they are deep into the process.  We want to change that and have developed a flat fee system which applies to most of our services such as:

     – Agreements of any kind (prenuptial, postnuptial, separation, custody/access, support, etc.);

     – Certain parts of the disclosure process;

     – Chambers or court applications;

     – Pre-Trial Conferences;

     – Trials; and

     – Applications for Divorce

Call us for an appointment – we will explain the entire process to you and provide you with a quote.

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